Where Ball is Everything


At iHoop Academy our mission is to inspire those we serve to unlock their full potential.
Our training staff features a unique blend of both former collegiate athletes and current professional athletes who are devoted to increasing the skill level of any and every individual we work with. 

After years of playing and studying the game of basketball we have seen countless examples of players failing to achieve their potential due to a weak foundation. At iHoop Academy we know what it takes to play at the next level and we pride ourselves in developing fundamentals first before getting into more advanced techniques. We fully understand the importance of strength, conditioning, and nutrition when it comes to maximizing a player’s development and ensure that no player gets left behind. We firmly believe that when you have a solid foundation, the rest of the learning comes easy.

Here at iHoop Academy we measure success not only on the basketball court, but also on the academic playing field. We offer player evaluation throughout the training process in order to monitor progress and ultimately drive positive results!