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iHoop Academy’s vision is to provide all young people with access to experiences that are usually reserved for a select few.
Our training staff features a unique blend of both former collegiate athletes and current professional athletes who are devoted to increasing the skill level of any and every individual we work with.

About Our Training


To provide real life scenarios (situational basketball) where kids understand how to properly use techniques we teach to enable them to be successful on the court. Our goal is to push the mental and physical capacity in our sessions so that when the game comes, our players are able to effectively function in high pressure situations.

Training Regiment

With us you will get intense up-to-date techniques that will help you excel on the court. We address concepts from basic fundamentals to complex pro-style play, we also welcome input from parents/players on how they feel they want to expand their game.










The Experience


Boys & girls youth, elite, & professional players
Group Workouts
Talent Evaluation
Nutritional Guidance
Physical Training/Conditioning


Our private workouts consist of tailored training to meet your individual needs. Private sessions are great ways to increase your level of play and to get a step ahead of the competition
1 on 1
Tailored specifically for the player
45-60min session
Professional coaching
Improve weaknesses

Group Workouts

Groups of 5 or less
Matched with players of similar age & skill
60min session
Competitive & Intense environment

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Have You Heard?

Brookline, MA

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what an amazing job you are doing training my two children Josh(9x years old) and Keke(11x years old). The progress they have made and the confidence that they are playing with on the court are directly correlated to your skills training.You have an excellent understanding of the game of basketball, and you do an amazing job of breaking down individual strengths and weaknesses. Your attention to detail and skills development is intuitive. For instance you noticed Josh was not squaring his body on his jump shot, and Keke was too mechanical in her crossover. Both have made drastic improvements in a short period of time, and they credit you for being perceptive and identifying ways to improve their game instantly.You are also teaching them agility drills that will help their footwork and hand-eye coordination, as well as show them how much hard work it takes to get in shape to play basketball at a high level. In conjunction with the dribble and shooting drills you are teaching them, you are creating the structure and giving them the blue print that will help them strive to become the best possible players they can be. Lex, if a player is interested in developing their mental toughness and strengthening their basketball skills in an effort to take their game to the next level, I have no doubt you are one of the best in the business."

- Mike O'Grady

Waltham, MA

" The iHoop team is made up of some of the best trainers in the greater Boston area. My son Myles has had the privilege of working with Lex Mongo and Dana Harris for several months now, and as a result of their training, his ball-handling skills, footwork, and confidence with the ball have improved drastically. From day one, they stressed fundamentals, such as ball-handling, defense, proper shooting, and passing, while also emphasizing intangibles like confidence and teamwork. Lex and Dana have the ability to communicate clearly and teach by example, while also making the drills fun for the kids. Lex, Dana, and the rest of the iHoop team have years of basketball experience, and they know what it takes to get to the next level. If you are looking to improve your child’s game or your game, then I highly recommend the iHoop team. "

- Lenny Prado

Boston, MA

"We have know Deshawn Gibbons for about three years. He has been training our three children, who’s ages range from 9 - 15. Deshawn is an extremely effective basketball coach. He has taught our children valuable skills they they need and will carry with them throughout their basketball years. He possesses the ability to encourage them to push themselves and work hard without being militant. He has amazing insight into the game of basketball and teaches them so much about the mental game behind the physical game. He can easily adjust his lessons and training to cater to the different personalities and ages with whom he works. Deshawn is constantly evaluating their needs and areas of improvement. He is so invested in their success that he spends some of his free time attending their school or AAU basketball games so he can see them in a real game situation. He is as impactful in one-on-one lessons as he is in group lessons. He keeps the kids moving and exercising without them even realizing how hard they are working. He is very focused on health and nutrition and when given the opportunity, he teaches the kids about making good choices off the court so they can become better basketball players."

- Barrie Silk

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